In Latin cordolium translates to “heartfelt grief” or heartbreak. These images tell a story of a young girl's first love and heartbreak.

Jasmine Kayat


Zoos are controversial; they inspire future generations of conservationists, biologists, and environmentalists, but at what cost?  For my concentration, I chose to examine the difference between how zoos are seen by children compared to adults.

Cayla Ossen


I investigated how the use of different materials and processes could help me elicit feelings of nostalgia for an earlier era of a city that is constantly evolving.

Marin Diz


In this investigation I wanted to explore themes and topics I started to flesh out since the beginning of this course. My prior investigations were not only experimenting with certain styles, angles, and themes but documentation of myself and my relationship with loneliness and isolation.

Atomu Hicks


This investigation demonstrates how my close relationships with my subjects allowed me to expand on my original idea of what a candid is — a truly honest portrait.

Josie Simon


I’ve always been interested in how fragile the human body is and the multiple ways for people to get injured.

Xenia Hernandez


In my Sustained Investigation, I tried to explore the intersection between the inside and the outside world. During the quarantine, I felt my world reduce to just my bedroom, and was constantly looking out my window.  The outside world seemed freeing and awe-inspiring, and I wanted to try to combine that sense of grandiosity with the more simple, domestic world. 

Caleb Painter


For 17 years I’ve spent my life floating between cultures, never feeling a part of one. As a Pakistani-American raised mostly in Thailand I've done  a lot of cultural exploration and my sustained investigation is similarly culturally experimental.

Lyla Normand


I have always been intrigued by psychedelic art. In my investigation, I wanted to explore the beauty of this form of art while also bringing awareness to addiction.

Kate Jones


During quarantine, feeling confined indoors, I grew apathetic towards industrially produced household pottery (bowls, vases, pitchers...), and sought to subvert the conventions of household ware by incorporating nature.

Jasper Lincoln


I absolutely love wildlife. Animals make me feel one with the universe, but recently I’ve noticed how much humans have exploited them. In my Sustained Investigation, I wanted to explore the human destruction of nature. I wanted to bring attention to how wildlife has had to adjust to industrialization.

Caroline Rosner


When the Covid pandemic took over my life in 2020 it caused me to think about death and all of the sudden, unexpected things that cause it, which is what I explored in my Sustained Investigation.

Kimberly Rosner


In my investigation, I wanted to explore humanity's relationship with nature and its repercussions, including false perceptions of nature and the destructiveness of our relationship with nature. Each piece includes some aspect of both nature and humans.

Emma Rabinowitz


Inspired by Goya’s work, “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters,” I wanted to explore the interplay between the imagination and rational thought. I sought to free fantasy from reason, creating dream-like atmospheres representing the subconscious.

Roisin O'Flaherty


In my sustained investigation I explored my face blindness and face processing issues through my art.

Oswin Weinstein


In starting my sustained investigation I knew I wanted to work with conceptual portraiture and decided on exploring the question of how can the surroundings in a portrait help define the person?

Graham Routhier